Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Bikinis-For the Beach

If you've read my about the author page you know that I come from sunny California. My dad actually is in the surfboard business, so naturally I'm obsessed with bikinis. Now, finding the right bikini is the hardest thing to do...especially when your up against the ocean. Today I've been doing a little searching online and found this great article on, the ultimate ocean information site. Travel to a tropical surf spot and find 12 bathing suits that can stand up to pounding waves.

Now I know what your thinking, ummmm I don't surf. I occasionally visit the beach in summer. Just because they are great for surfers, doesn't mean they aren't great for you. When your in the whitewash swimming around what happens? Your toppled by a wave and somehow your itsy-bitsy-bikini fell right off of you. I've had that happen time and time again. So check out this article and see the adorable suits she's found and why. I know where I'm getting my next suit from :)



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