Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hair&Nails- Amber, Lily, and Becca

I would like to introduce you to Amber, she is a guest of Dustin's (my boss). She had seen me wear my hair like in the Curls into a Bun tutorial I did awhile ago and asked me to replicate it on her own hair. Amber's hair is actually cut to her neck line so it's a fun shorter cut...with short cut's come challenges. We took her hair from the bottom and created our base by putting it into a low pony tail. Then we pulled all her curls back, bobby pinned them in, and built it up off of that. I believe we did a beautiful job with her hair and you wouldn't be able to tell that her hair isn't super long, doesn't it look like she has an absolute ton of hair?!?

So last night we had to bunker down and wait out a line of storms that hit the south. I'm always prepared with things to keep myself busy (especially when the electricity is out), so I brought along my nail supplies. The first one in the picture is Miss Lily's zebra print and pink nails. The second picture is Mrs. Becca's hot pink bow tie nails. In the future I will be posting nail tutorials so get ready :)

Thank you Lovely Ladies for allowing me to doll you up!

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