Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Window Jewelry Display DIY

Challenged by all the neat things you can do on Pinterest, I set out to make a unique vintage idea to display all my jewelry. Here is what I designed

Needed Supplies:
-old window of any kind
-8 screw in hooks, the size you want to use*
-8 small knobs*
-8 drawer handles (that earring's can hang on)* 
-dark colored sharpie
-measuring tape
(sprayed with starch and ironed flat)

(*I am using my window in the picture as an example, so depending on your size of window will be the base of which you get your count for screw hooks, knobs, and handles. Make sure to plan out where you want your screws hooks, knobs, and handles so you know how many to get. The count stated above is based off my window. This is simply one variation of what you can make.)

  1. On the side that you will not be showing, measure the glass for each place where you will be applying the knobs (these will hold your necklaces) and handles (these will hold your earrings).
  2. Mark the positions where you want to place your knobs and handles with a sharpie. We do this so when we turn it around to the other side, we know exactly where to place the knobs and handles.
  3. Turn your window around and measure the wood on the top frame strip where you want to place your screw in hooks. (These will hold your rings.)
  4. Place window on a flat surface laying down, with the side that will show facing up.
  5. Screw in all your hooks on marked spots.
  6. Clean windows with windex or acetone, this removes any residue that would make the glue not hold the two materials together.
  7. Using your Loctite glue, follow the instruction on the tube accordingly.
  8. Apply glue to knob's first, and apply them to your window on pre-marked spots.
  9. Apply glue to both side's of the handles and apply them to your window on pre-marked spots.
  10. Keep your window laying down, and allow glue to cure for 24 hours.
  11. After glue is cured, your ready to set up your jewelry display!

(I Found the old window on the side of the road, 
all the rest of my supplies where found at The Home Depot.)

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