Monday, February 20, 2012

Pastel Color Hair-Without Commitment!

      Ok so usually I would do a video tutorial on how to do your hair like I'm showing you...but this is so easy I know you'll do great because of it's simplicity.
      As you know, the site "Pinterest" is filled with ideas on everything from home furnishing to wedding planning. I always look up new and fun ideas to tutorial for you and this is one I couldn't pass up! How to color you hair without the use of harmful dye chemicals and without commitment! This has been established as a "Punk" style for a long time, but it's now made way into softer esthetics. Worn on the runway, on television shows, and print ads more and more people are adding soft pastel colors to their hair. By coloring your hair this way you don't have to worry about making a commitment or keeping one hair color for a period of time. This allows you to be the artist and express your colors in a fun and safe way. So get ready to tap into your creative side. 
You will need:
-spray water bottle
-soft pastel art chalk

  1. There are two ways to do this: if you want it to stay for a day apply on dry hair. If you want it to stay a few days apply to wet hair. If you have dark hair: option one is to Apply chalk to dry hair, if the chalk won't show up option two is to spritz it with water so the chalk pigments will show up, if you have lighter hair : I don't recommend spritzing it with water because it might stain your hair (If you don't mind it staying for a few days then you can spritz with water...mine took only two shampoo's and it was out)
  2. twist a strand of hair that you want to apply color
  3. apply chalk in a downward motion on hair
  4. brush out excess chalk after chalking with a soft bristle brush
  5. if you spritzed your hair, blow dry it

Told you that it was easy! Now have fun and don't be afraid to mix up the colors and get creative. I would love feedback and pictures of your results to post on To Die For's Facebook page :) send your picture to:

-spray hair with hair spray to keep chalk from rubbing off on clothing
-don't get oil pastels...these are sticky and hard to remove from hair
-try this a few times a few different ways to find hot how to wear it best
-If you send in a picture or comment that I use for Facebook or my blog, your last-name will not be reveled or any other information. 
That's my hair^

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