Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Philosophy Skin Care

We all find ourselves looking at a print ad or commercial wishing our skin could looked as flawless and airbrushed as the models. Unfortunately...all that is an optical illusion made by photoshop and white lighting. But don't get to upset, because there is a way to get beautiful skin using a quick and easy regimen. 

I've tried everything for my skin, I posted my breakout story in my On the Spot Help post. True I found one thing to help...but with this new system my skin has transformed. 

Philosophy is my answer with their On a Clear Day skin kit! The next-generation skin care system for sensitive, acne-prone skin includes on a clear day oil-free foaming acne cleanser 6 oz.; on a clear day oil-free, all-over acne treatment 1 oz.; on a clear day oil-free acne spot treatment .5 oz.; and on a clear day retinol clarifying lotion .75 oz.

Features & Benefits

  • paraben-free, benzoyl peroxide-free
  • helps clear pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria
  • helps improve skin’s overall health
  • you breakout, but consider your skin to be sensitive
  • you want to treat and prevent acne blemishes
My favorite two things are the Acne Cleanser because it fights the bacteria on our face from even trying to break you out. Also another product not sold in the kit, the Hope in a Jar : Oil Free (which is actually in a tube) is my other favorite product. This oil-free, lightweight moisturizer with antioxidants helps hydrate the skin, absorb surface oil and keep pores clear, leaving behind a matte finish. This moisturizer creates a matte finish, enough to where I don't have to worry about a primer. 

I used to have to worry about breaking out or drying out but now I have a system to fight, prevent, and moisturize my skin. I encourage you to visit the Philosophy website and read the reviews on their products. Every one has experienced a shared love for the Philosophy way, I know you will too!


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