Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fashion Phone Covers under10$!

So I recently upgraded from a Droid X to the iPhone 4S, YAY! I'm so excited about my new phone...but as a girl with a love for fashion you know that a adorable phone cover can be an expensive must have. I went to the mall with my husband, Shane, and looked at the covers at the cell stand only to find out that they basically start at $50 and go up in price. That's a lot of money! My best friend Cassie also upgraded to an iPhone and told me to check out Amazon before paying the ridiculous prices at the mall or other stores. I'm a casual shopper of Amazon (thanks to my sweet Uncle who gives me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and other occasions), but there is so much stuff on there I forget about great deals waiting for you. Cassie was right, I got 3 super cute and unique phone covers for a whopping $23!!!

Just thought I would share this with you because for around $7 you can find unique and sassy phone covers which blows the $50 price that the mall will charge you.



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