Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be BOLD in a small way!

Being a bold fashionista doesn't mean you have to light up a neon sign and broadcast that your trying something new or daring. Sometimes little ideas can make a big statement, and little ideas can lead you to try bigger ideas latter on. Not everyone was born to be a fashion designer or beauty stylist, and sometimes that means it's hard to learn how to make a statement without overdoing it or underdoing it. 

Here is one simple idea. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, can rock a pinup girl winged eyeliner eye. Yes, we do see a lot of girls doing so...but pair it with a pop of bright color underneath and you've got a whole new and modern concept. 

I used a seafoam green shadow and swept it right under my lower lash line. You can also use:
Green Eyes-blue's and green's
Hazel Eyes- blue's, purple's and green's
Blue Eyes- blue's and green's!
Brown Eyes-purple's, blue's, and green's

I don't recommend reds, pinks, orange, or yellows only because they can create on odd look. Find your most flattering color for your eyes, and try it out :)


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