Monday, February 27, 2012

Hello Kitty Nails Tutorial

So I did this Nail design of Hello Kitty last week and posted it to my facebook. After all the comments I received I realized I should have done a tutorial on how I painted them! Silly So here is my tutorial that will take you step by step so you can create your very own Hello Kitty Nails! This is my first nail tutorial, I promise they will get better as I get more in tune with doing them on video :)

You will need:

  • Embossing tools/ Nail Art tools
  • small art brush
  • pink nail polish
  • white nail polish
  • yellow nail polish
  • black nail polish
  • small round nail diamonds
  • small heart shaped nail diamonds
  • top coat


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fashion Phone Covers under10$!

So I recently upgraded from a Droid X to the iPhone 4S, YAY! I'm so excited about my new phone...but as a girl with a love for fashion you know that a adorable phone cover can be an expensive must have. I went to the mall with my husband, Shane, and looked at the covers at the cell stand only to find out that they basically start at $50 and go up in price. That's a lot of money! My best friend Cassie also upgraded to an iPhone and told me to check out Amazon before paying the ridiculous prices at the mall or other stores. I'm a casual shopper of Amazon (thanks to my sweet Uncle who gives me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and other occasions), but there is so much stuff on there I forget about great deals waiting for you. Cassie was right, I got 3 super cute and unique phone covers for a whopping $23!!!

Just thought I would share this with you because for around $7 you can find unique and sassy phone covers which blows the $50 price that the mall will charge you.


Friday, February 24, 2012

How to get healthy long hair!

Every body seems to be infatuated with long beautiful hair right now. But not everyone has the information on how to get it there and keep it healthy. So here are my tips on how I take care of my hair! I hope you enjoy this video tutorial and see that if you can adapt some habits into your own hair routine you'll achieve long healthy hair!

  1. Cut your hair every 8-12 weeks
  2. Use quality shampoo and conditioner
  3. Use a leave in conditioner (with heat protectant)
  4. Deep condition your hair ever 2-3 weeks
  5. Reduce hot tool usage
  6. Color you hair less often
  7. Sleep with a silk or satin pillow case
  8. Brush you hair when it dries
  9. Have a healthy life!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fishtale Braid Accent

Here is the link on how to Curl you hair here! For the braid all you will need is:
-1 bobby pin
-1 small rubberband

Here is the tutorial on how to give you have a beautiful fish-tale braided accent!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Pastel Color Hair-Without Commitment!

      Ok so usually I would do a video tutorial on how to do your hair like I'm showing you...but this is so easy I know you'll do great because of it's simplicity.
      As you know, the site "Pinterest" is filled with ideas on everything from home furnishing to wedding planning. I always look up new and fun ideas to tutorial for you and this is one I couldn't pass up! How to color you hair without the use of harmful dye chemicals and without commitment! This has been established as a "Punk" style for a long time, but it's now made way into softer esthetics. Worn on the runway, on television shows, and print ads more and more people are adding soft pastel colors to their hair. By coloring your hair this way you don't have to worry about making a commitment or keeping one hair color for a period of time. This allows you to be the artist and express your colors in a fun and safe way. So get ready to tap into your creative side. 
You will need:
-spray water bottle
-soft pastel art chalk

  1. There are two ways to do this: if you want it to stay for a day apply on dry hair. If you want it to stay a few days apply to wet hair. If you have dark hair: option one is to Apply chalk to dry hair, if the chalk won't show up option two is to spritz it with water so the chalk pigments will show up, if you have lighter hair : I don't recommend spritzing it with water because it might stain your hair (If you don't mind it staying for a few days then you can spritz with water...mine took only two shampoo's and it was out)
  2. twist a strand of hair that you want to apply color
  3. apply chalk in a downward motion on hair
  4. brush out excess chalk after chalking with a soft bristle brush
  5. if you spritzed your hair, blow dry it

Told you that it was easy! Now have fun and don't be afraid to mix up the colors and get creative. I would love feedback and pictures of your results to post on To Die For's Facebook page :) send your picture to:

-spray hair with hair spray to keep chalk from rubbing off on clothing
-don't get oil pastels...these are sticky and hard to remove from hair
-try this a few times a few different ways to find hot how to wear it best
-If you send in a picture or comment that I use for Facebook or my blog, your last-name will not be reveled or any other information. 
That's my hair^

Facebook Page!

TIGI Eyeshadow

I'm sharing a review on TIG's makeup palette with you today because I've recently fallen in love with my new palette! 

TIGI's makeup line took on a new chapter as it got a major display makeover as well as modified their formulas to be better then ever. Unlike it's old pink mix-matched style, it's now represented by white tasteful boxes with a silver accent color. Very appropriate for the modern world. TIGI is mineral based and has a beautiful variety in product, tone, and pigments. 

Not new, but updated is my favorite product from TIGI...their shadow palette! For a 60$ price you will get a variety of 8 extremely pigmented shadows you wont find yourself blending into the crowd. It come with (LtoR):
Vanilla, Flirt, Chocolate, Champagne, Purple Haze, Feisty, Posh, and Black.

I love this pallet because I basically have everything I need on my day to day basis for shadow right there in my palette. Everything from a dark smokey eye, to a brown smokey eye, to a neutral eye, to a spunky pop of bright color. Also, because the shadows are mineral based-you can blend these colors so well they look to have melted right off into your skin. It's hard to find shadows that blend well and hold true to their colors. Sometimes I find myself blending a dark smokey eye only to have removed basically all the shadow, and that's definitely not what you want.

You can find this shadow at a local Salon, on the web, or local beauty supply.


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bohemian Curls Tutorial

 This is a Bohemian Hair tutorial for those of you who love the natural curls style. I uploaded a tutorial on how to curl your hair this way using no heat with a rope braid. For some of you, the back part of your hair was a bit of a challenge, so here is the alternative using a curling iron.

All you need for this style is a 3/4" or 5/8" curling iron. I don't set or spray my hair with any products, keeping it natural as possible.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Philosophy Skin Care

We all find ourselves looking at a print ad or commercial wishing our skin could looked as flawless and airbrushed as the models. Unfortunately...all that is an optical illusion made by photoshop and white lighting. But don't get to upset, because there is a way to get beautiful skin using a quick and easy regimen. 

I've tried everything for my skin, I posted my breakout story in my On the Spot Help post. True I found one thing to help...but with this new system my skin has transformed. 

Philosophy is my answer with their On a Clear Day skin kit! The next-generation skin care system for sensitive, acne-prone skin includes on a clear day oil-free foaming acne cleanser 6 oz.; on a clear day oil-free, all-over acne treatment 1 oz.; on a clear day oil-free acne spot treatment .5 oz.; and on a clear day retinol clarifying lotion .75 oz.

Features & Benefits

  • paraben-free, benzoyl peroxide-free
  • helps clear pores and eliminate acne-causing bacteria
  • helps improve skin’s overall health
  • you breakout, but consider your skin to be sensitive
  • you want to treat and prevent acne blemishes
My favorite two things are the Acne Cleanser because it fights the bacteria on our face from even trying to break you out. Also another product not sold in the kit, the Hope in a Jar : Oil Free (which is actually in a tube) is my other favorite product. This oil-free, lightweight moisturizer with antioxidants helps hydrate the skin, absorb surface oil and keep pores clear, leaving behind a matte finish. This moisturizer creates a matte finish, enough to where I don't have to worry about a primer. 

I used to have to worry about breaking out or drying out but now I have a system to fight, prevent, and moisturize my skin. I encourage you to visit the Philosophy website and read the reviews on their products. Every one has experienced a shared love for the Philosophy way, I know you will too!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Window Jewelry Display DIY

Challenged by all the neat things you can do on Pinterest, I set out to make a unique vintage idea to display all my jewelry. Here is what I designed

Needed Supplies:
-old window of any kind
-8 screw in hooks, the size you want to use*
-8 small knobs*
-8 drawer handles (that earring's can hang on)* 
-dark colored sharpie
-measuring tape
(sprayed with starch and ironed flat)

(*I am using my window in the picture as an example, so depending on your size of window will be the base of which you get your count for screw hooks, knobs, and handles. Make sure to plan out where you want your screws hooks, knobs, and handles so you know how many to get. The count stated above is based off my window. This is simply one variation of what you can make.)

  1. On the side that you will not be showing, measure the glass for each place where you will be applying the knobs (these will hold your necklaces) and handles (these will hold your earrings).
  2. Mark the positions where you want to place your knobs and handles with a sharpie. We do this so when we turn it around to the other side, we know exactly where to place the knobs and handles.
  3. Turn your window around and measure the wood on the top frame strip where you want to place your screw in hooks. (These will hold your rings.)
  4. Place window on a flat surface laying down, with the side that will show facing up.
  5. Screw in all your hooks on marked spots.
  6. Clean windows with windex or acetone, this removes any residue that would make the glue not hold the two materials together.
  7. Using your Loctite glue, follow the instruction on the tube accordingly.
  8. Apply glue to knob's first, and apply them to your window on pre-marked spots.
  9. Apply glue to both side's of the handles and apply them to your window on pre-marked spots.
  10. Keep your window laying down, and allow glue to cure for 24 hours.
  11. After glue is cured, your ready to set up your jewelry display!

(I Found the old window on the side of the road, 
all the rest of my supplies where found at The Home Depot.)

Add To Die For's Facebook Page!

Hello Beautiful! 
I used to have a Facebook page for my blog back when I was working on different sites and trying to figure everything out. So I have now decided to revamp it and take back my own personal Facebook page and use one specifically for my blog :) Follow on FACEBOOK HERE.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be BOLD in a small way!

Being a bold fashionista doesn't mean you have to light up a neon sign and broadcast that your trying something new or daring. Sometimes little ideas can make a big statement, and little ideas can lead you to try bigger ideas latter on. Not everyone was born to be a fashion designer or beauty stylist, and sometimes that means it's hard to learn how to make a statement without overdoing it or underdoing it. 

Here is one simple idea. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, can rock a pinup girl winged eyeliner eye. Yes, we do see a lot of girls doing so...but pair it with a pop of bright color underneath and you've got a whole new and modern concept. 

I used a seafoam green shadow and swept it right under my lower lash line. You can also use:
Green Eyes-blue's and green's
Hazel Eyes- blue's, purple's and green's
Blue Eyes- blue's and green's!
Brown Eyes-purple's, blue's, and green's

I don't recommend reds, pinks, orange, or yellows only because they can create on odd look. Find your most flattering color for your eyes, and try it out :)


Friday, February 10, 2012

Peacock Shadow

Hello Beautiful!
Many times artists are inspired by the life surrounding them to create beautiful artwork like the one to the left. I absolutely love dramatic makeup that is formed from nature, So this tutorial is my version of a peacock. I hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nail color of the Month!

I'm one of those girls who love to change their nail color every time I get them done. Not just a simple shade of red or pink...I love to mix it up and experiment with a multi-tonal variety and lots of sparkles! Whether it's a funky pattern or burst of a voltage color, I'm all for some glamorous nails. So this week I found the most beautiful OPI nude color Samoa Sand, and paired it with Katy Perry's OPI Collection: Teenage Dream. Perfect for Spring, Valentines day, or any day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valenties Hair- Lauren Conrad Style

As girls we like to pick out a festive outfit, pretty jewelry, and have the perfect hair and makeup! So I'm here to show you a cute hairstyle that turns an everyday curl into a special occasion style. At our salon we sponsor a local indoor football team's cheerleaders, which came in for their calendar photo shoot. One of the cheerleaders got this super cute style of curls with a headband braid, and my mind automatically thought about the Lauren Conrad Style.

We will combine her famous braided fringe with signature California-girl curls. I love this style because of it's versatility, you can rock it with a summer dress or glam it up for a wedding dress! Before you start make sure you have these things:
  • (Apply a heat protecter on your hair before drying!!!)
  • bobby pins
  • a small hair band
  • a braided headband (if your fringe isn't long enough to braid)
  • a hair brush
  • hairspray
  • a decorative headband (optional)
  • a 1" curling iron*

Watch my tutorial for a step by step process. If you have a comment please post, any questions you can send to:

*I will be using my Bio Ionic Style Winder. You can purchase this iron from Amazon HEREI love this iron because it's super easy for the user to style their own hair. Because the barrel clip rotates, you don't have the stress on your wrists or the awkwardness of trying to get the ends of your hair in the clip. The barrel is made of ceramic which guarantees an even heat distribution with a rage of temperature up to 440' degrees.

It's Official!

I got my website cards in! I'm so excited about my new found love of blogging, and I cant wait to share my knowledge of beauty with all the beautiful people around me! Thank you so much for your support because if I didn't have you I wouldn't have an audience to share with! 
I want to give a special thanks to my mom, Duranne, she edits most of my posting and shares them with all her friends!

Have a magical day!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Box - VS. - The Salon

There is a lot of confusion and myths when it comes to coloring your hair with "The Box" versus "The Salon." Most of it comes down to the chemistry and chemicals used in the formulas and the truth behind what color does to your hair. As a cosmetologist, we go through many hours of chemistry to learn about various things like the PH scale, molecular bonds, color dye loads, chemical reactions, and other things that people don't even think of. To me, after I went to school I understood a fact that there is a reason you have to be licensed to color peoples hair. Let me explain:

The Box-
        Box color has come along way in the last couple years. Most companies have reformulated their colors to be conditioning, have more gray coverage, and give you a larger variety in tones. Most of your drugstore box colors range in price from 2$ on up to 25$, the low prices are the main reason women choose a box over a professional. On top of that, we see beautiful celebrities like Drew Berry, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani, and Eva Longoria make at home hair color look so luscious and rich. Do you really think they color their hair at home? Then we go to the store and look at the packaging and photography on the box, instantly assuming that when you apply this color it will look exactly as the picture. What you mix is what you get, note what I said... what you see on the box is not what you get. 
        In box color you will find two bottles with chemicals which you mix together to achieve the end result. Most people don't even know what those chemicals are. Do you know what it is? The main contributing indigents are a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and a dye load. Ammonia opens the hair shaft so that the dye can actually bond with the hair, and ammonia speeds up the reaction of the dye with the hair. Picture your hair-shaft like shingles on a house. The ammonia raises the shingles to allow the color molecules to sit up under the shingles and stay there. The problem with that is once your cuticle is raise your hair is more at risk for breakage because it's open and not sealed tight. With box color you are not in control or told exactly how much ammonia you'll be applying to your hair, which means you can do more damage to your hair then you will ever know. 

The Salon-
        There are so many factors that go into how professionals color your hair. It's not just a color we go grab from the back, there are many more variables in which we are trained to factor into our custom formula made specifically for your hair. Not only do we factor in the condition of your hair...we also include the elasticity of your hair (ability to stretch, or its strength), its porosity (absorption), level background tone, desired and undesired tones, level system, activator strength, technique, the law of color, contributing pigments, processing requirements, the list goes on and on. I like to explain it this way: When you go to the doctor he/she will prescribe you a regimen or medicine because he or she knows what will work for your body and lead you to your wanted end result or help you with an occurring problem. There is a reason for your doctor...he or she knows what he or she is talking about because the doctor went to school to study medicine, and understands what that medicine will do to you. You wouldn't walk into a pharmacy and look at the list of drugs and say, "That one looks good, I'll try it." Because in all actuality, you have no idea what its for or what it can do. Dealing with chemicals for your hair is the same thing; you don't know what you’re potentially doing to your hair and or body. 

        Technique with a certain type of color is also another thing that a cosmetologist is trained to learn. Processing a color isn't just applying the color to your hair, it's a technique that requires skill and understanding. A good example is touching up someone's hair that had already been colored, but needs their new-growth colored and existing color refreshed. Did you know that if you were to overlap and deposit permanent color again and again it will damage your hair by contiguously opening your cuticle creating overly processed hair or overly porous hair? You can literally fry your hair off and turn it into what feels like over cooked spaghetti. 

        Now that I've explained a fraction of The Box VS. The Salon, I hope you can see why I recommend everyone to get their color done by a professional stylist. Now, I understand that if your covering up some gray's and you get a within two shades of your natural color you don't want to spend your time and money at a salon. But if it's anything other than that, I don't recommend at home hair color. Not just because I am a cosmetologist, but because I have used box color on my own hair and had it go very wrong as well as many of my clients have had disastrous results making an appointment for me to fix their blooper. It's true the box price can't be beat but with the confusing colors and the bad stories of blondes gone brassy, browns that didn’t cover grays, and reds that receded after the second shampoo...let us take care of your color so we don't have to correct a color gone wrong which can cost more than you can imagine.


Thursday, February 2, 2012

SAG AWARDS- Kaley Cuoco

     Yes it is Screen Actor Guild Awards time again! We get to see all our favorite actors in their very best as they wait to see if they will walk away with the coveted award. I'm not much into who will win, I'm more into the hair and makeup and of course the dress each star will strut in front of the millions of cameras. Some make bad choices which leads them to be a victim of Fashion Police (love that show!), and some end up looking absolutely beautiful which will give us viewers an inspiration to wear in our everyday life. To the left you will see Kayle Cuoco in an elegant bohemian braided hair style, a stunning look to flatter her Romona Keveza Gown.

         Upon request I have made a tutorial to answer all the guess work to this easy but still complicated hair style. You will need:

  • a hair brush
  • a teasing brush
  • a handful of bobby pins
  • large clips
  • regular size, and small size- pony tail holder
  • hair spray
  • a hand mirror to see the back of your hair
  • and if your hair isn't long enough, a Braided Headband


-if your braid is too skinny, pull it width wise to make it bigger
-if your natural hair is curly, flat iron it a little bit but don't take out all the wave
-if your bangs are unruly, use your flat iron to slightly curl them back

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