Friday, January 27, 2012

Rope Curls-Off Duty Model

       When Taylor Swift first started her journey into the music world the first thing we noticed, other than her voice, were her beautiful curls. She has this girl next store kind of wavy curly blonde style that everyone aspired to have. After a few years into her career we now see that her curls have evolved into a polished look achieved with the help of a friendly curling iron.

       Then we have beauties like our UK star Fearne Cotton rocking an effortless waved curl that has more of a relaxed vibe. She isn't shy to the winds of change when it comes to her hair, so to see her with this soft and romantic multi-tonal style with a pinup twist we know that this curl works on a range of personalities. 

Let me introduce you to the mystical rope curl. I get so many woman that have no idea that this curl is as simple as your spiral curl. Maybe even easier. The only difference between the two is:

-the spiral curl is curled inside the clip of your iron
-the rope curl is wrapped around your iron

       Depending on the size of your iron and size of your sections, depicts the look of your finished style. The smaller tighter irons get you Taylor's style, whereas a larger looser irons produce a Fearne style. You will see special tools called curl wands, they are like your curling iron only without the clip to hold your hair. Honestly, you can use your regular iron so don't worry about buying another tool. It may take a try or two to find out what size will get your the curl you like best, so I made a tutorial with a small and large iron. Please watch my tutorial, and I will teach you how to create glamorous modern curls!

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