Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's A 10: Miracle Leave-In

Tired of your hair feeling like a Arabian drought lacking moisture, softness, and always full of tangles? I had the same issues with my long bra-length hair. I use professional brand hair products with some of the best ingredients, heat protectant, and a deep conditioning treatment every couple of weeks. Even after all that I still seem to have slightly dry tangled hair. Some people have dry hair because of shampooing it too much, the color/highlights removing natural oils, harsh shampoo/conditioner, not using anything to protect your hair from hot-tools, using hot-tools on a really high heat temperature, the length, not cutting it often enough, the list goes on and on. Some people even have dry hair because their hair is just naturally dry.

 So how can we counteract those challenges with something easy that will get you real results worthy of a try? Let me introduce you to an amazing line called "It's A 10!" I'm usually a Paul Mitchell hair care junkie, so this is a big thing for me to say I absolutely endorse this product with a 10 out of 10 score! Before I ventured into working at a salon I worked at a professional beauty supply store. There are many products that we sell benefiting all the salons in our area, so you get to know a lot of brands and their ingredients. We also were given many real size samples of new products or products that a brand would like to push. Out of those products I received one called: It's A 10 Miracle Leave in Plus Keratin. So I went home and tried it out, most products I got as a sample I didn't really care for...but this one has changed my hair forever. 

Like the picture above it takes care of all the hair challenges we have whether it's manageability, heat, shine, hydration and all the other things listed. It's great to have an all-in-one product so you don't feel like your layering twenty different things in your hair. Because of the keratin, amino acids, and protein your hair gets infused with it's much needed strength ALL day long. The miracle conditioning ingredients lock in moisture making your hair manageable so you can brush without the stress of tangles! It's made by seasoned professional beauty stylists with a hands-on approach and personal dedication which brings the power, flexibility, and simplicity of the It’s a 10 line into fine salons around the world. This product is sold only by professional salons, and only guaranteed when sold by a salon.

Click HERE to find a salon near you and give the It's A 10 brand a chance, you might just fall in love with the products and your hair!


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