Thursday, January 5, 2012

Get Organized!

Woman have a lot of makeup and we need a way to store it all. One of the biggest problem I have is trying to keep all my makeup and hair stuff from gravitating ALL over the room. Everything will be spread out across the bathroom, or office where I usually get ready. Then when my products and tools are morning turns into a rush as I try to find what I need and where it is. If your like me, you already don't have enough time in the morning, so to run around your house looking for that one thing in which you thought you knew where it extremely frustrating! If your on the verge of a morning madness spasm, let me share some ideas with you for "Do It Yourself" organizers that help hair/makeup divas like us keep it together!

A great way to get organized is with a small convenient drawer unit. In the picture to the left is what I use. I love that it has three drawers; one for my base makeup, one for my eye makeup, and one for my brushes. It allows to to grab what I need, then throw it back in the drawer so it won't get scattered across my desk. You can find this at a Walmart or Target for around 10$.

How awesome is this magnetic framed board used for placing your makeup up on. This is a cute design especially for a room with not much counter space. All you need are a few simple things, most can be found at Goodwill or a Salvation Army for around 10$! Click here for the website how-to.

Get yourself a tackle box from Walmart for 5$ and you've got an awesome storage box for all your rubber bands, bobby pins, hair pins, pin curl clips, and much more. It's so nice to have all my little things that can get lost and unmanageable in this organized container so when I need a specific thing, I can find it in it's own little spot and not mixed in with a gazillon other things.

Need an easy way to travel with your makeup/hair products? Get yourself a clear pencil case for $1 at the Dollar Store or Walmart! What's so great about this travel organizer is that it's clear which means; if you travel on an airplane you wont have to worry about security digging through your bag or placing your liquids in a ziplock baggie, and because it's transparent you can find what you need with ease. 

Let's clean up our beauty space and create a stress free morning with our organizers! I can't say how much this has helped me get ready and be able to find where my things are. Enjoy your relaxed mornings :)


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