Monday, January 16, 2012

Favorite Shadow's

Hello Beautiful!
It's hard to find a shadow brand that is vibrant and holds true to the bright pigment it displays. Then if you find a good shadow, you look at the price tag...YIKES! Some times our makeup can be so costly we have to save up just to purchase it. I would like to share with you what eyeshadow I use on a regular basis that are cost conscious, and so when I post a tutorial you can follow along.

First in my video review I will talk about the Manly 120 Palette. I absolutely love this brand because of the highly pigmented color, it's rage in tones, shimmer/matte,  and most of all the 20$ price. You can't get better then this. It's been said that Manly shadows are as pigmented as MAC shadows. Which is a huge compliment since MAC is a leading brand in the makeup world.
My next review is on Victoria's Secret Loose Eyeshadow. This eyeshadow is anything but dull, you get a shower of shimmer to your eyes with these loose shadows. It's a highly pigmented shadow, with a intense pop of color. I love how you can layer and infuse this shadow with others to create an array of possibilities! The price ranges from 12$-15$.

Here is my video review :)


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