Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ready, Set, Dip!

Hello Beautiful Nails!

Ok so I know you know about all the designs that you can get at the local nail shop. From air brush effects to miniature paintings to intricate designs, our nail technician can do some pretty amazing things! But not very many have caught onto the newest fad to nail design... MARBLING!

Ok don't freak out, I was just as excited when I fount out about this stellar way to polish your nails! Let me explain what the process and how you can achieve this look AT HOME!

Before you do anything you need these things below. 
  1. Apply your base coat as usual and one coat of another polish. You want most of your nail color to come from the marbling, but having a colored base often fills in the gaps and results in a brighter manicure.
  2. Apply clear tape around the tips of your fingers. This is the most time consuming step but it is worth it when you are finished as there is less excess polish. There is some debate as to whether applying oil or vaseline around your nail works the same way, but I find tape much easier to remove.
  3. Fill your disposable cup up with lukewarm water 90% of the way to the rim. Carefully drip a drop of nail polish (China Glaze works really well) into the water. Repeat with multiple colors to create a bulls eye effect.
  4. With a pin or toothpick, working quite quickly, swirl the polish to create the desired marble effect.
  5. Place your nail facing down into the water where you want the design to appear. It is imperative that you keep your nail under water or else the design may shift.
  6. With your toothpick or pin, clear away the excess polish from the water. It should pull away easily after a few seconds.
  7. Repeat with all of your nails, remove the tape, and apply topcoat as usual. Note, you may see water droplets trapped under the polish. Most of these will even out with the application of topcoat.

I had so much fun learning how to master this effect. It might take a few tries but don't be frustrated because you'll get it! Just keep trying and play with different designs with your toothpick. Have fun :)


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