Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mascara Confusion

Walking into any store most of us woman naturally gravitate towards the makeup department without even really needing any specific thing. Why do we do that? Because there are SO many new things; makeup that promises to reduce wrinkles, makeup that is hydrating, makeup that is organic, makeup that matches your skin's id, makeup that promises to grow your lashes... there is so many that we float from brand to brand looking for the most promising and interesting thing to try.  I specifically find an issue with what brand of mascara to use. 

My first realization is, DON'T WATCH THE COMMERCIALS!!! Every Mascara commercial is done using photoshop, fake-lashes, and optical illusions (yes even the ones who say no false lashes needed like Maybelline's Falsies Mascara). It's unrealistic and honestly, false advertisement in my opinion. Put a girl on there with REAL lashes and show me what it does, that will make me very interested. Because not all of us want to deal with putting on false lashes every single day, I know I don't! 

Second, what are your lashes like? Depending on your answer is how I would respond to what brand will work best for you. I think the most important, and overlooked issue we have is not the mascara its self but the brush we apply it with. Yes we can get into all the lengthening, volumising, thickening formulas, but with out the correct brush/formula combination there is really no point. It would be like trying to put your powder on with a eyeshadow brush, there both makeup brushes but with sole purposes.  So let me show you the different brushes, and mascaras I would recommend based on your natural lashes. 

Medium/thin lashes, with intent to be clean and separated. Most girls I know have a regular thickness in lashes but don't want there lashes to be over-applied and chunk together. My answer to that would be Cover Girls's new LashBlast Fusion MascaraExperience COVERGIRL's first ever volume + length mascara! The fiberstretch formula and over sized brush make every little lash bigger, fuller, longer-looking, and more dramatic. Also available in Water Resistant! This formula creates a natural looking defined lash. Take a look at the brush, it's a finely distributed shorter length bristle giving you more control and sweeping your lashes with intent to have every lash standing on its own maximum length. This is my current mascara and probably most successful formula I've ever tried! You can do 3-4 layers without getting a clumpy lashline! This mascara takes the #1 vote on most reviews! People always ask me how I get my lashes so long, and my conclusion is that other mascaras are very heavy and use a HUGE thick brush (which makes it hard for your lashes to get in the brush to pull them and cover each one, rather then sweep the outside of it barely even touching all my lashes) since they try to give you a "thicker lash". Which in theory weighed down my lashes so by the time I walked out of the house they drooped instead of reaching for the sky. Not so fun.

Thick/thin short lashes, with intent to be dramatic. For you girls who love the thick mascara look I would
recommend Maybellines Volume Express Falsies Mascara. Their most dramatic false lash fab volume! Patented Spoon brush reaches lashes from corner-to-corner, while Black Drama formula fills in every gap. My favorite thing about this mascara is the scoop brush! The curved angle goes around to reach each lash and literally scoops them up up and away, all your lashes will be fully saturated with its thickening formula. Falsies is contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested.  Washable; also available in waterproof formula. This is one of my favorite mascaras for the glamorous Kardashian style.

Thick/medium/thin lashes, eye color enhance. The newest way to enhance your eyes is with Cover Girls Exact Eyelights mascara. Get noticeably brighter eyes with Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Mascara! Light-reflecting metallics and a hint of tint bring out your blues, browns, hazels, and greens, while the no-clump brush helps define lashes. You will love the formula and brush as you apply a smooth, clean, defined look.

Thin lashes, needing a boost! Pump your lashes up with Maybelline's Volum' Express the Classic! It delivers up to 3X the volume instantly for the fastest clump-free volume. With it's Anti-Clump Curved Brush and volume-building express formula quickly thickens your lashes without clumps or globs. As you can tell I'm a huge fan of the scoop brush. I just really like that you don't have to work at getting beautiful luscious lashes with this brush because the brush gets it done! This was the first mascara I tried with this brush and I've been hooked ever since!

Hopefully this clears up the confusion and help get a to fit your lifestyle and look. I know how it feels to purchase a different mascara every time trying to nail the best fit. So give these a try and let me know how they work out for you :)

I was recently ask this question,

"Alexsis, what can you do about mascara that always smudges underneath? I have even used waterproof but my daughter and I always have dark smudges!"

 I had that same problem a little while ago! I tried waterproof mascara just like she did and still had dark smudges. I found out that my skin, in combination to my foundation was creating an oily surface which my lashes rubbed against. As we know oil makes most makeup come off, so I had to switch my foundation, I was using Smashbox but now I'm using Benefit tinted moisturizer which doesn't smudge to dark spots! If you have the same problem try switching up your foundation or use a skin primer!


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