Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Define Your Eyes

Among the many things we can do with makeup your eyeliner can make a define impression! From the Audrey Hepburn winged line, to the modern full-eyed line, we can all agree there is a variety and look for our liner. This picture up top displays a few lines that I think are worth the try!

But what liner works best?

There are a gazillion different eyeliners on the market ranging in price and formulas. Depending on how and where you where your makeup is placed, is the key to knowing which liner will work best for you and where to put it. So let become familiar with the formulas of eyeliner and where to wear it.

First you have your liner pencil. This is the most commonly known and used form of eyeliner. You can get it in a range of colors with prices ranging from 1$ on up. It's best used on the upper lash line, lower lash line, waterline, and is smudged into a soft line. On the Best In Beauty 2011 charts from In Style magazine, MAC Eye Kohl is $15, and voted #1 pencil! These creamy pencils trace precise lines without tugging on delicate skin. In addition, the soft formula can be artfully smudged for instant attitude—and once it sets, it never wanders. If your looking for a drugstore brand, try L'Oreal's Le Kohl Expressive Eyes Eyeliner. Get the look that makes a statement, even the $9 price makes a statement!

Second we have the gel liners. Best in Beauty 2008 charts vote Bobby Brown Long-Wear gel liner #1!The texture of this waterproof durable formula glides on like a liquid liner, gives you the same bold definition, but won't run when you tear up from a good laugh. "The consistency is the perfect mix of fluidity and opacity—and it lasts!" This is a makeup artists favorite choice because of how well gel liners stay where they are told :) $21. If your looking for an gel liner that easier on your wallet, try Maybellines Eye-Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner. With intense long lasting color and a $10 price, you'll be happy with this comparison!

Third is the sleek liquid eyeliner. Voted best Liquid Liner at the salon I work at, it will make your eyes a masterpiece. Best used on top lash line, I wouldn't recommend to use this on your lower lash line or waterline. True, smudge-resistant colors with the perfect control tip. This product has classic liquid liner packaging of a small pot with a brush. It's great for putting a line in a specific place, and it stays put for hours. Because of the thin tip applicator, you have to ability to create thin to chunky lines and thin lines. Get this at a local salon for $18. If you would like to try the drugstore brand which was voted #1 eyeliner for The Worlds Best by Elle magazine, get Cover Girls Line Exact Liquid Liner. At the price of $7 you'll get a compact, easy-to-hold, high-precision liquid eyeliner pen has a smudge-proof, fast-drying formula that glides on to create fine or bold lines without fuss, for looks that last all day.

So whatever your life calls for, there is a liner. Give these a try and I promise you that you'll love your liner :) Now go practice and define those beautiful eyes!


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