Monday, December 26, 2011

Breakouts: On-the-spot HELP!

Everyone has been a victim to an acne breakout. Whether it was just one white-head that popped up before your senior pictures...or a mini army of them attacking your face before your wedding day, we all know how if feels. Some of us will find it's hereditary that our skin breaks out, for others it can be a hormone or puberty issue.  I was held captive by an embarrassing skin complexion in my teenage years and still deal with breakouts to this day! I found out that eating healthy, drinking LOTS of water, and cleansing my face properly didn't always solve the problem...because adolescent acne is hereditary in my family. Rather then trying to cover up the problem, adding pounds of makeup to my skin, I decide to fight it. If you've seen it,  I have tried it. I went through almost every acne treatment I could get my hands onto. My dad even took me to a Skin Specialist in California who works with Miss America and beauty pageant girls, her products put me though a long regimen that instead of treating my acne, made it flare up and become worse. I felt defeated and doomed to deal with a dotted face for the rest off my life.

So after trying all that stuff, I was introduced to Neutrogena's On-the-spot Acne Treatment, (which got Editor's Choice Award from Allure Beauty Magazine). This on-the-spot acne treatment has the perfect amount of Benzoyl Peroxide, the hardworking pimple fighter, in a moderate, 2.5 percent solution. Just enough to clear up your emishes, but not so much that skin is left red, dry or irritated. I tried other treatments that either made the breakout worse (Proactive), or dried my skin out so bad that I felt like a snake molting. Neutrogena's treatment goes down deep in the pores to kill the acne bacteria that causes pimple's and helps to stop new ones from showing their evil heads. On-the-spot works hour after hour to give long-lasting treatment and protection. You can wear this after you cleanse, and even under your foundation.

This treatment is so effective and easy. All you have to do is wash your face with a gentle cleanser, pat face dry, place a small amount onto your finger tip, and dap onto the problem spot. Don't use this all over your face, this is an "On-the-spot" treatment so treat only the spots you know there's a pimple. I put it on if I feel a pimple about to surface,  and it usually take me only two days to see my blemish disappear! It's gone before it even know's it. Once you get it under control you will see that your face will clear up and your acne will become a minute problem, allowing you to focus on gorgeous skin and more importantly a beautiful reflection which God blessed you with. 

Now I'm set free from the problem of how I will handle my skin and what to do during a breakout. If your ready to fight against acne breakout's I suggest you try this formula that has changed my life!!! For a price of around $6, it's well worth the challenge. Let me know how this works for you!


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