Thursday, December 15, 2011


Ever find yourself styling your hair the same way, day after day. Some times we don't have enough time to curl our hair or take the time to flat iron every inch of our thick unruly locks. So we throw it up in a pony tail or under a hat. Then of course we don't want anyone to see us and we think about how our hair looks all day long and how we wish we had time to fix it like that girl who looks so cute every day! 

My answer to that problem is learn how to braid your own hair. We see braids in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and some even with other things weaved in! Braids are on little girls and celebrities walking down Red Carpet events. On the left you'll see Brittany Snow rocking the elegant but very simple loose 3 strand braid. I know what your thinking, well she can rock it she has a hair artist that creates the most beautiful hairstyles for movie stars all the time. When actually this is the simplest braid of them all, and can definitely be done by you on your own hair. All you have to do is learn how to 3strand braid and then it will take you all of 5 minutes to style your hair in the morning!

So this is your first test, go to and master the 3 strand french braid. This braid is basically the foundation for all the other braids you will ever learn and really helps with the placement of your hands and how much tension you need to have on the hair. When you feel like you've mastered it, play around with it! Wear it messy, wear it neat. Pull some of the strands out a bit, then wear it out! I promise you that you will get compliments and not feel like your wearing a boring style day to day.

Then I want you to get brave! Yes, every girl has the right to be a fashionista! To your right is a really neat and creative idea on how to glamorize your hair at a cost effective and really fun way. First you need a few pieces of yarn (make sure you get colors that can be seen in your hair and compliment the color of your outfit) and double them so they are twice the length of your hair. Then section off the top, from the top of your ears up. Take out strands of your hair and near the middle of the yarn tie the yarn to your hair. Repeat this as many times as you want. Next pull down the top part we had section off. Then lightly brush the top so you don't have flyaway hairs. Then bring all your hair to one side and 3strand braid it. Now you are ready for a day with amazing hair that everyone will be asking how you did that! Be brave with your hair and have fun! After all boring hair is, well, boring!



  1. This is so cool! I might try the "yarn-in" style sometime! THanks Alexsis!

  2. Carissa, the yarn braid is really neat looking and will have everyone asking you about it! Have fun :)


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