Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Become an ANGEL!

Have you ever walked by Victoria's Secret or watched their Runway show and thought, "Gosh those girls are so skinny and sexy!" Yep, me too! As I watched movies and read magazines, I saw big loose curls with middle parts and a 70'ish feel. But with my curling iron all I got were spiral bouncy curls. We all want in on the darn Victoria's Secret don't we! After many failed attempts I finally got my answer and here it is!

The best investment I've made are my 1-1 1/2" curling irons from Hot Tools. The bigger the iron, the larger your curls will be. And it all depends on your hair length. (It's really hard to get the nice curls with shorter hair, so for around shoulder length hair and shorter I recommend the 1" iron, and for longer then shoulder length hair I recommend the 1 1/4" iron. ) Here are a few great things about these irons :

  • Advanced Ceramic Tourmaline styling surface
  • Soft-Grip™ textured handle
  • Advanced Pulse Technology® for Gets Hot...Stays Hot™ performance
  • Temperatures up to 430° F (220° C)
  • Variable heat settings with built-in rheostat control
  • Extra high heat
  • Fast heat-up
  • Heavy-duty long-life heating element
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • Extra-long thumb grip and powerful spring clamp(Spring irons)
If your wondering what the Ceramic Tourmaline (CT) surface is, let me explain it. The CT creates even heat distribution so that your entire strand is heated and there aren't any extreme hot spots that can create a lot of damage to your hair. Ceramic plates distribute high ions to the hair to prevent excessive damage. According to Missiko, ceramic flat irons may even repair damaged hair follicles. The ceramic formula lasts a lot longer too.

Now days we have different hot tools in which we use constantly. I see too many people that have no idea of the damaging effects that heat can do to your hair, split ends and breakage rule their hair and create a frizzy unhealthy look. So protect your hair and investment by ALWAYS using a thermal styling protectant. Try Redkens Spray Starch #15 Heat Memory Styler, $14. Redken’s exclusive Bonding System transports potato starch extract to help protect against heat and cuticle loss . It mimics the pattern of heat appliances by “starching in” long-lasting memory. Leaving hair shiny, clean feeling and flexible. It also helps protect hair from heat and eliminate static. With a non-stick, clean formula won’t build-up on heat appliances, you'll love this product for styling your curls.

The next thing we need is a good hairspray to keep our curls in place. Our salon favorite is Redkens Fashion Work #12. This aerosol is a versatile spray for working, shaping and finishing styles. Its fast-drying, with a fine mist and contains vitamins C and E to protect hair and help prevent color fade! You can find it at your local salon for around $17. (We love this spray because of the flexibility and how you can work with it before setting your style.)

Or you can use TRESemme's TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist hair spray with a level hold of #3 and cost of around $4. It's a flexible-hold spray that keeps hair in place and goes on dry, thanks to its water-free formula. This brushable spray gives you softness (not stiffness) for a light, natural hold. Don't like your first attempt? Brush it out and start over (no kidding). Perfect for days when you need staying power but not extreme hold. It refuses to weigh hair down and is resistant to frizz and humidity for 24 hours.

Now that we have the products down, lets get started on curling your hair. Watch this video tutorial :)

Get ready to find your inner Angel, You'll be rocking a sexy soft curl in no time!


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